Inspire 2

Aerial filming system whose camera can shoot till 6k in Adobe cinema DNG-RAW and Apple ProRES. The equipment has an anti-collision system, detecting obstacles until 30 metres, intelligent flight and coming back to the base of landing.

Camera choices:

Ask for avaliable lenses

Panasonic GH5

New generation camera with cinema quality for a low-cost Price

Roller Steady

Specialist skater who works with a stabilization Movi System, Easy Ring fastening system and Full HD transmission. It is supported by an independent camera operator which makes easier, help and guarantee the perfect sequence shoots. Also avaliable optionally Wireless follor focus.

Drone XXl Helifilm ALTA 8

Aerial filming system with Freefly system MOVI (Movi PRO) supported by an independent camera operator who facilitates and guarantee perfect sequence shoots. Also avaliable optionally Wireless follor focus. Few comatible cameras are Red Epic, Alexa Mini,… and possibility of using lenses up to 2.5kg*

Consult with technical department

Drone Helifilm ALTA 6

Similar features tan drone xxl with tiny less load power. Compatible with cameras Red Epic, Alexa Mini, etc and possibility of adding Ultraprime lenses in both cases*.

Consult with our technical department

Possibility of disassembling and transporting in Flycase

Digital Cablecam System

Equipment ideal for locations with difficult Access or where it is not possible to fly with drone.

360º Filming system

Filming system which incorporates Go Pro Hero 4 cameras mounted in a special ring with possibility of mounting in Gymbal Freefly movi M5, adapted in a way that guarantee the perfect stabilization of the system even while flying.

Sistema de transmisión en Full HD

Sistema de filmación en 360º con cámaras Go pro Hero 4 montadas en ring especial con posibilidad de montar en gimbal Freefly movi M5 adaptado de forma que garantiza una perfecta estabilización del sistema incluso en vuelo.